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Tristalite 2/11/2015 8:04 PM
Hey y'all playas!
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Welcome fellow guildies! Hope you are having fun!
And remember, no whining, but bring plenty of wine!!
Guild News

Facebook Group

MiuRen, Jun 6, 11 5:27 PM.
We have now added a facebook group for No Whiners. However, the group is a private group so you cant just join it. If you would like in, please inform either me, trist, cat, sara, syth or ming, and we will get you in. 

Naked for a Day: Big Hit!!!

Tristalite, May 15, 11 10:58 PM.
Thank you guys so much for making this weeks event so much fun!!!
This event would not have been as successful if you didn't participate and work as a group. Dailies, battlefield, dungeons, all of it was awesome!! Our guild may still be new, but everyone knows us!!
All the naked gatherings during the preceding week were also helpful, and I hope you will all participate in the next Naked Train. Thank You

Guild Union

Tristalite, May 2, 11 12:05 AM.
We hit level 20!!! We have added a union. Due to non-responsiveness from DarkLegion, we have decided to add FallenLegion. FallenLegion is Level 20, very friendly, and the leader has already given the nod. Please Welcome them and feel free to ask them for help if needed.

Hopefully by the time we hit lvl 28 DarkLegion will have an answer and we can add them too.

Naked Duels 2011!!!!

Tristalite, Apr 28, 11 2:07 AM.
Official Naked Duels 2011 has begun. Please feel free to strip naked and request a duel at anytime. Also, if you can, try to get a screen shot and upload it to the site. Thank You
Recruiting any members who are of 15 years or older. Preferably 18, but we can make exceptions. Thank You!
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